EP.128 | 3 Ways to Increase the Life of Your Bars!

Get the most out of your equipment!  

Barbells can last a long time.  A very, very long time.  With proper care, maintenance and good old-fashioned common sense, it's easily possible to get a decade or more out of your bar!  

The alternative is treating your bars like crap.  Dropping empty bars, poor storage, incorrect loading, and interior/exterior neglect is going to shorten your bar's lifespan considerably.

Wait, there's more... take into account the local climate and humidity, the number of users, and chalk.  Collectively, these factors will either add or subtract years from your bar's life.  Your choice.

Sure your bar may usable for some exercises, but good luck on the technical movements!  We're not trying to scare you, however we're trying to light a fire under your butt to take action with your fleet.  Doing so will keep more of your hard-earned dollars in your pocket!

Incorrect Dropping

#1 Incorrect Unloading
How many times have you seen someone rip the plates off the sleeve, only to let it crash into the ground?  Those drops compounded over time will damage in the internal hardware, directly affecting the spin.

#2 Incorrect Loading
Not loading a barbell as intended puts unnecessary forces on the shaft & sleeves.

#3 Incorrect Dropping
Stop dropping the bar with 10 and 15 lb bumper plates from overhead.  Bring the bar back down to your shoulders at the minimum before dropping.  Not doing so will cause plates to crack faster and exert more force on the bar.

The Exterior

How to care for the exterior.  Step-by-step.  End-to-end.  Keep the rust off and the steel of your barbells healthy.

The Interior

How to care for the interior.  The video below demonstrates sleeve maintenance that does not require removal.  Hit multiple bars at a time and keep those sleeves silky smooth!

*We do not recommend sleeve removal unless you consult with your bar's manufacturer.  Familiarize yourself with the warranty before!


Take Action NOW

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Prevent Rust.
Restore Spin.
Keep Lifting