EP.101 | BEFORE Putting the Bar Away!

The process of putting a bar away should be simple right?

Well, it should be.  Unfortunately, in the world of functional fitness, commercial and other gyms, bars are often neglected.

What is it?  Negligence?  Laziness?  Unaware?  Probably a combination of these and more.  We've all been guilty of not brushing down that bar, not wiping off that bench and not putting those bumper plates away.  Shit happens.  No one's perfect.

That aside, if our goal is to have our equipment last well into the future, then we must make maintenance a priority.  There's no other way around it.  Hoping that your bar will defy the odds against the rusting process is not the way to go.  That road will only end in disappoint, frustration and a dent in your bank account.  No bueno!


This week we're going to highlight the easy stuff to check off the list before putting your bar away. 


Even if you think you didn't use much chalk that day, give the knurling a quick once-over at the very least.  Loosening and removing the chalk, skin and grime from the grooves will help a great deal!

Scrub your bar while horizontally on the ground or rack.  Scrubbing your bar while standing vertically in a 9-Bar Holder can cause chalk/dust to drift down into the sleeve.  The result: sticky sleeves.



More humid environments (i.e. Miami or New Orleans) will require more maintenance!!  You must apply a thin coating to the shaft and sleeves 1-2 times per month.  If you have manpower and resources, aim for 3X for humid climates.  

Less humid environments (i.e. Vegas or Arizona) require much less maintenance.  Aim for 1-2 times per month!

For the sleeves... we recommend performing maintenance on an AS NEEDED basis.  Meaning, when you start to notice the sleeves slowing down a bit, go to work!  This will translate into approximately once every month or two!

Grab a bottle HERE!


After you brush it down, ideally you want to hit the bar with a cleaning wipe.  Owners, coaches and the next class will appreciate you!