EP.104 | How To Clean Your Barbell

Although it may not be glamorous work, it's necessary.  Mandatory, not optional.  That is, if you want your bars to make it past year three.  Maintaining your bars shouldn't be complicated or time-consuming.  We understand that you don't need another added stressor in your busy lives. 

That's why we created Bar Shield.  To provide the community with an easy & straightforward process to get the most out of your equipment while saving you money!

Our 4-Step Process for preserving the exterior of the barbell is outlined below.  Let's make this easy shall we?  

Step #1 - Loosen up the nastiness

Arrange the barbell horizontally in a rack, off blocks, or simply with some spring collars.  

Grab your black nylon bristled brush and get scrubbin.  Side-to-side and small circular strokes work best to begin loosening up the chalk, skin and other grime found on the knurling and sleeves.

You more than likely won't get everything out of the knurling in one pass.  This step is to simply loosen up the nastiness.

Please, please do not use a steel-bristled brush unless you have a bare steel bar or unless you absolutely have to!  Doing so can strip the finish right off.  We've seen this time and time again!

Step #2 - Apply a thin coating of our Bar Shield Formula

No need to go completely crazy here!  Our flip-top cap makes it easy to apply a thin coating directly on the barbell.  Start with a small amount, applying more if your bar is in bad shape.

Step #3 - Work the Formula in with the Nylon Brush

Time for the magic.  Again use side-to-side and small circular strokes to work the formula in.  What's this do?  This conditions the steel of the barbell, serving as a protective barrier against rust.  

Step #4 - Wipe off any residue!

Use the provided microfiber towel to give your bar a quick wipe down.  Guess what?  You can use your bar right away without the worry of it slipping from your fingers!  Game changer.  

And there you have it!

Don't forget the center & sleeves!

Hitting between the knurling is going to help preserve that beautiful finish on your bar.  Your bar takes in plenty of sweat from the front squats, cleans, and jerks on a daily basis, so it's imperative that you maintain the center.

Don't forget the sleeves!  We've had many people have issues with plates getting stuck on the sleeves or not sliding smoothly.  This is an added benefit to our lubricant, with the primary benefit being a protectant against rust.

Do not neglect these areas!

Want to see it in action?

 Grab yourself a Barbell Maintenance Kit