EP.105 | Why Durability Matters

Durability with what?  Your trusty brush that you use to clean your bars of course!  Not all brushes are equal.  Some are flimsy, some are cheap, and some lack functionality. 

For starters... you MUST regularly use a brush to clean out the chalk and other grime that has accumulated on the bar.  Not doing this may result in a rusty and overall nasty barbell.

Why risk it?

Our first question, "Why risk scratching and/or stripping the finish on your bar(s)?"  Meaning, why start with a more aggressive bristled brush?  As a general rule of thumb, always start with something safe that will not destroy your bar.

One of the main reasons why barbell manufacturers finish barbells with zinc, chrome, cerakote, black oxide, etc. is to protect against oxidation (rust).  So, when a bar's finish is stripped off from using a steel brush, the bare steel underneath is exposed, ultimately making it more susceptible to rusting.

Where to start

Start with nylon!  Use a stiff nylon bristled brush, such as the one in our barbell maintenance kit, to get started.  It won't scratch up your gorgeous bars.  Only progress up to brass, steel, etc. when absolute necessary.  Even then, proceed carefully.

If your bar is bare steel, (aka there's no finish), a steel brush is okay to use.


It's important!  You don't want to have to keep replacing brushes do you?  Choosing a brush that is both effective and is going to hold up in the long-run is critical.

Many of the brushes that you find in your local hardware store unfortunately don't fare well in the long-term.  Sure, there are definitely some out there (props to you), but many of them don't last.  Speaking from experience here.

When developing our maintenance kit, we extensively tested our nylon brush on a wide array of barbells and finishes.  Bare steel, black oxide, zinc, chrome, cerakote, and stainless steel.  We also tested on various barbell manufacturers to ensure that our brush was safe to use.

The verdict... We found our brush to be durable than just about every brush we found.  Durable + Safe.  It's tough enough for a Texas Powerlifting bar, yet safe to use on a cerakote or zinc bar.

Let's get you started!