EP.106 | The Makeshift Deadlift Jack

The Makeshift Deadlift Jack.

Ever found yourself loading/unloading a bar, only to constantly struggle with the plates getting caught on the ground?  Although it's obviously not a huge deal with lighter weights, as you take up more sleeve space, it gets increasingly difficult to slide plates on and off the bar.

So.... if you don't have the luxury of a deadlift jack at your disposal, what do you do?  Easy.  

#1 Keep a two and a half pound plate handy (any smaller plate will do)

#2 Slide the plate up agains the plate closest to the collar of the bar

#3 Roll the plate up onto the small plate, elevating the bar off the ground

#4 Load and Unload!

That's literally it.  Easy, efficient and most certainly will alleviate the frustration of loading and unloading a bunch of plates.  

**This method can also be applied to the Jerk Blocks!!  Make it easy on yourself**

An added bonus...

Applying a few drops of our Bar Shield lubricant on the sleeves will allow for an even smoother loading experience.  No sticking here.