EP.107 | Unpredictable Bumper Plate Drops

Beware of dropping 10 & 15 lb. Hi-Temp and other bumper plates from overhead or the shoulder. Due to the unpredictable nature of these bumper plates, it is much safer to control the barbell back down to your hip before dropping if possible.

Lack of attention could lead to a gash in your workout partner's calf or a clean cut hole in the drywall. Don't be that guy!

Not all plates bounce the same... obviously.  Through personal experience, we've noticed an unreliable bounce with recycled rubber plates... meaning a bar shooting to the left or right, hitting whatever may be in its path (i.e. leg, wall, rig, etc.).

It's Preventable...

If it's possible to control the bar back down to your hip, do it!  Doing so will reduce the risk of injury to other athletes and to your precious gym walls.  

COMMUNICATE this to your classes and others in the gym.