EP.109 | Do Your Plates Rattle?

This week's episode...

Bumper, training or competition plates making a rattling sound? If so, chances are that the middle inserts are getting loose!  Over time, just like with any equipment in your gym, you will begin to have normal wear and tear.  It's just the nature of the beast.

Whether it's on a platform (as was intended for competition plates as shown in the video), on stall mats, or even on asphalt, all those drops start to add up!  Not to mention the compounded daily abuse from members tossing them to the side or to the ground.

The Fix

Simple and easy to fix. Grab yourself an allen key to match the size of the bolts on your steel inserts.  Tighten them down.  That's it.  

As wonderful that sound is when you make contact with the barbell on Olympic lifts (don't lie, you know you like it lol), it's important to tighten the bolts down.


Neglecting to tighten these bolts may cause damage to the inserts and/or bumper, as well as the insert coming out entirely.