EP.117 | Wood OR Rubber Platforms?

When it comes to weightlifting platforms, should you invest in wood or rubber?  The answer to this question is highly dependent on several factors.

Your training...

Are you primarily an Olympic Weightlifter?  Crossfitter?  Powerlifter?  The lifts you'll be executing regularly will play a large factor with your choice.  

For someone competing regularly in Olympic lifting or training in the lifts 4-6x per week, a wood platform makes sense.  For functional fitness or Crossfit gyms, sticking with horse stall mats and/or rubber floor is more than sufficient.

Your budget...

Big or small?  If you're ballin' on a budget, investing in a gorgeous oak competition from Eleiko may not be the move for you.  A luxury in this scenario.

However, if you have excess funds to spend, investing in a nice wood platform has its advantages!

A few things on Wood & Rubber


- Can be more pricey (i.e. oak).  You can get away with cheaper wood at your local Home Depot / Lowe's, however it will have to be replaced much more often.

- Secure footing on a wood platform.  The wood also allows the feet to slide (almost unnoticeably), on lifts such as the Split Jerk.  This allows the force impact of the lift to be shared with the platform, as opposed to solely yourself.

- Much of the time you'll see a wood insert for the starting/landing position, with rubber inserts on each side to help absorb the weight drops.


- Versatile... exactly why functional fitness gyms utilize horse stall mats and/or rolled rubber flooring

- Great for shock absorption from dropping weights

- Understand that your feet can get caught or "stick".  On the split jerk, for example, the front or back foot may catch the ground too early.  This puts much more force on the joints, which may lead to injury.  Just something to be aware of.

Do you homework!

Now that you are equipped, check out Eleiko, Rogue, Fringe, American Barbell, Elitefts, etc.  Compare prices, materials used, platform assemblies, etc. 

See which one fits your needs BEST!!