EP.118 | Bar Care Strategies

This week's #BarTipTuesday episode features some effective strategies to keep up on your Barbell Maintenance!  There are many factors to consider here such as quantity, climate, time, etc.  Below you can find what has worked best for us thus far!

*The shaft and sleeves (internally) require different degrees of maintenance*

As Needed

- Spot the bar(s) that need the most attention.  Focus on these only.

- NOT time-consuming

- Remove chalk, apply Bar Shield Lubricant to the shaft / exterior of the sleeves

- Test bar sleeves to see if attention is needed internally

A Bar a Day Keeps the Rust Away

- Commit to one bar per day

- One bar per day is more manageable than servicing 20-30+ all in one day


- Depending on time constraints, adopting a weekly, monthly or quarterly maintenance schedule can be effective

- Take into account the number of people using the bars, the climate in which you live, and the bar finish type when selecting your schedule

- Utilizing the coaching staff can help as well

Use your coaching staff

- If you have a few full-time coaches, add in bar maintenance to their responsibilities!  

Hire someone

- If you have some extra funds in the budget, you can always hire someone to focus entirely on barbell maintenance.  This may be the peace of mind you've been looking for!


Don't keep putting it off... why?

Putting off barbell maintenance only is going to cost you money... that is if you plan on keeping the rust off and the sleeves spinning freely.

Bar Shield Bar Maintenance Kit

- Helps Prevent Rust

- Restores / Optimizes Sleeve Spin

- Each 8 oz bottle = 50-60 bar services