EP.119 | How to Properly Maintain a Barbell: Exterior

Don't know how to maintain the EXTERIOR of your barbell? 

Are you the only user?
What tools do you need? 
What climate do you live in? 
Where do you store your bar? 
How often should you maintain?  

Grab a bar that needs attention

The Process

STEP 1 - The Scrub

Take your nylon brush and scrub away, end cap to end cap.  This will help loosen up the chalk, skin, blood, etc. that may be present on the bar.  Don't forget the sleeves!!

STEP 2 - The Application

Grab your bottle of Bar Shield lubricant and apply a thin bead on the exterior (knurling + sleeves... you can do one side at a time).  Make sure to get the sleeves.

STEP 3 - The Conditioning 

Back to your brush.  Using your nylon brush, work in the lubricant into the steel of the bar.  The lubricant acts as a protective barrier, helping to prevent the buildup of rust.

STEP 4 - The Wipe Down

Take your lint-free cloth and wipe 'er down!
Voila, your bar is good to go!