EP.120 | How to Properly Maintain a Barbell: Interior

Yep, we've talked about this subject ad nauseam, however it must be at the forefront of topics in the world of barbell maintenance.  Why?  Because if you plan on training the Olympic Lifts (aka the Snatch and Clean & Jerk), then it's imperative to have a barbell that spins properly.

Answer this: when going for a 1-Rep Max Snatch, do you want a barbell that is locked up or a bar that spins smoothly?  There you go, that's why.

#1 Smoother lifts + better overall lifting experience
#2 Lowers the risk of injury

Now that we've established WHY you need a bar that spins well, let's dive into the strategies of maintaining and/or restoring that beautiful spin.

The strategy below does NOT require you to remove the sleeve.  As long as everything is structurally sound, meaning the washers and other hardware inside the sleeve, then you are good to go.

Step 1 - Assemble the barbell(s) vertically.

Step 2 - Pop that top on your Bar Shield lubricant.  Twist the shaft of the bar with your left hand while dropping some of the lubricant down into the sleeve.  Wipe off any residue

Step 3 - Wait 10-15 minutes.  This allows the lubricant to diffuse down into the sleeve, lubricating the bushings or bearings.

Step 4 - Repeat on Side 2


> Simple + Easy

> Takes less than 20-25 minutes

> Allows you to hit multiple bars at once

 Each 8oz bottle of our Bar Shield Formula will translate to at least 50-60 bar services.  Just a little bit of the Shield goes a long way!  Check out our Instagram or Youtube for some Before & Afters, this is no joke!