EP.121 | The Next Thing in Hook Grip Tape

How many different types of hook grip tape have you tried? 

If you fall into the seasoned weightlifter category, chances are that you've gone through your fair share.  Athletic tape from the pharmacy section, Amazon, or maybe you've tried some of the hook grip tapes on the market currently. 

Speaking as somewhat experienced Olympic Weightlifters, we both have gone through countless rolls of tape. 

Some of the issues we kept running into... 

> Tape not adhering to the skin well... therefore it sliding down or even off your finger, rendering it useless

> Tape not adhering to itself... tape starts to unravel during your session

> Residue left on the bar & finger... ever used tape that leaves a sticky residue on your bar and/or finger?

Now we fill in the gaps:

Introducing the new Bar Shield Hook Grip Thumb Tape

Durable + Flexible + Versatile