EP.122 | NO Olympic Bars in the Rack!


If at all possible, avoid using your Olympic bars in the rack!  Use an all-purpose bar (i.e. Rogue Ohio Bar) to squat, press, etc. while doing your training from a rack.

Why?  How often do you or your members roll and/or slide the bar around before taking it out of the rack?  If you aren't aware, take a look at the next class you're in.

All this sliding and rolling adds up over time... it's a slow burn.  Over time, the knurling wears down, eventually smoothing out completely.  Once you have a knurling that is completely smoothed out on the contact points from the J-cups, good luck trying to grip for a snatch!

All we're saying...

Be nice to your bars.  Once the knurling is smoothed out, that's a wrap.  If you have the ability to use a different bar in the rack, do it.  If you don't, be more mindful of sliding or rolling it around.  Doing so will make your bars last longer, no question!