EP.123 | Pull-up Bar Surface Rust

How are the pull-up bars holding up?
Do you have powder-coated or bare steel?
Do you do anything to maintain your bars?

Some love a pull-up bar free from rust... some love sporting a patina, rusted look.  Personal preference.

That being said, if your plan consists of keeping the rust off your pull-up bars, you must have a plan at the ready!  Otherwise, risk at your own peril!

Follow the same exact steps as maintaining the exterior of a barbell.

Initial Scrub
Loosen up the nastiness on the pull-up bar... all that chalk, skin, blood, etc.

Apply a Thin Coating
Our flip-top cap makes it easy to apply a thin bed onto the bar

Work It In
Using the brush, work in the lube.  This will condition the steel.

Wipe 'er Down
Don't wanna slide around do ya?

That's it!

Depending on your climate, the number of users, etc. will determine how often you should maintain your pull-ups bars!

Grab a Kit and get to work! 

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