EP.124 | Bar Cleaning: 3 Easy Set-ups

On this week's episode of #BarTipTuesday...

We're going to give you three easy set-ups to utilize when cleaning your barbells.  Simple set-ups but highly effective.  Make it easy on yourself, work smarter not harder!


#1 Spring Collars

Slap on a spring collar on each sleeve.  This allows the entire barbell to be elevated off the ground.  Having a barbell simply on the ground makes it harder to scrub around the entire knurling.  

Just a little elevation to make your life a little easier.


#2 Box

Whether you have wood or foam, it doesn't matter.  Wood boxes are nice because they have handles to place the collar in.  Doing so prevents the bar from rolling off the box.

Nice to be standing up on this one... no bruised knees.


#3 Rack

The rack is probably where most will gravitate.  Using a rack is fine, just make sure that you aren't sliding or rolling the bar the entire time.  Doing this over time will chisel down the knurling, eventually rendering the grip useless.


Simple and obvious?  Sure.  If you see a set-up you haven't tried before, give it a go.  You may discover that it's a bit more effective.


Stay tuned next week as we cover various set-ups for barbell spin restoration!