EP.125 | 3 Set-ups to Restore Bar Spin!

Now that we've covered 3 Set-ups for Cleaning the Exterior of your Barbell, now it's time for the barbell spin.

We're going to cover three set-ups in which you can restore the spin to your beloved barbells.  A well-spinning barbell lowers your risk for injury and will give you your best overall lifting experience.

*The first two methods DO NOT require sleeve removal*

#1 The 9-Bar Holder 

Have a 9-Bar Holder at your gym?  If so, this is a great storage device to help make the process quick, efficient and time-saving.

With the bars already stored and vertical, work you way down the line.  Apply a few drops of Bar Shield lubricant down into the sleeve.  By the time you make your way down the entire line, it'll be time to flip them over for the other side.  Boom.

#2 The Bumper Plate

Almost the same exact story as the 9-Bar Holder... just one extra step.

Grab a few 45 lb. bumper plates and lay them out.  Assemble the bars receiving attention vertically.

#3 Sleeve Removal

Now for the third.  

A frequent question we get: do I need to take my sleeves off?

We don't typically recommend to remove the sleeves because it can potentially void the manufacturer warranty.  Always familiarize yourself with your warranty before removing.

Only remove if you are confident in your handyman abilities.

The good thing about removing the sleeves is that it gives you the chance to completely wipe off the shaft of the bar and re-lube.  The downside is the time involved, the potential of not putting it back on right, and voiding the bar's warranty if something goes south in the future.

Here's the Liquid Gold Lubricant to get your bars back in tip-top shape!


Why do you have to maintain the sleeves?

> Prevent Injury
> Equipment Longevity 
> Best Overall Lifting Experience