EP.126 | Unload Your Bar the RIGHT Way!

Increase the Awareness!

Far too many bar sleeves have fallen victim over the years...

Have you been guilty or witnessed a fellow workout buddy incorrectly unloading a bar?  Pretty much all of us can raise our hand here.  I plead guilty myself.

The sound that ensues after a bar sleeve hits the ground is quite awful.  What exactly is happening here?  Although a few drops probably won't result in much damage, the compound effect of numerous drops over time adds up.  

What can happen?

1) Sleeves can pop off
2) Sleeves stop spinning

Repeated dropping over time will damage the internal damage the sleeve and its internal components, no question.  I have personally witnessed a sleeve popping off due to exactly this.  Not only this, but repeated dropping can bend internal components of the sleeve.  What's this mean?  You can kiss that smooth as silk spin good-bye.  Bent washers = no bueno.

Have multiple plates loaded up? 

Throw down a 5 lb. plate, roll the bar onto the plate (closest to the collar), and slide the plates off.  All you need to do is create a small separation between the plate and the floor.

Take a Stand

If you are a gym owner or coach, demonstrate how to correctly unload a barbell.  If you are a seasoned gym veteran and see a noobie ripping plates off the bar, show 'em how to correctly unload the bar.  Simple!