EP.129 | 3 Must-Do's for Jerk Blocks!

Are Jerk Blocks included in your training program?  

Jerk Blocks can be a fantastic piece of equipment to have in your arsenal at your local gym or the garage.  Great for keeping us safe and working on specific phases of our Olympic Weightlifting!

Valuable but can be on the pricey side of the spectrum.

This week we are going to touch on THREE MUST-DO'S before you begin use.  Together, these will grant you the best lifting experience available.  

#1 Proper Width!

We're talking jerk blocks here.  How much space do you need between the blocks?  Start by loading up a pair of plates, then center them on the blocks.  

This will evenly space the bar on the blocks, giving you plenty of room on both sides.

That being said, you may have to make small adjustments to suit your liking.  Repeated drops will cause the blocks to turn or move slightly, so make sure you are aware!


#2 Line 'em Up!

It is IMPERATIVE that you correctly align the plates on the boxes prior to your lift.  Why do you need to do this?

You must line the innermost plate (or collar of the bar) in the center of the box primarily because of the drop.  Would you rather land in the middle or edge of the box?  

We've seen many people clip the front, back, side or even miss the box all together!  

Start & end the lift in the right spot!


#3 Follow the Bar!

After completing your clean, snatch or jerk, follow the bar back down to the box!  As demonstrated in the video above, following the bar will ensure that bar stays on the box and won't ricochet one way or the other.

Putting these three components components together will keep you safe during your block sessions.  Shit happens sometimes, but let's minimize it the best we can!