EP.13 | Should I Take My Bar Sleeves Off?

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Welcome back!  One of the top 3 questions we get is, "Do I have to take my bar sleeves off?"  We saw this question time and time again come up at the Crossfit Regional in Nashville.  

First and foremost, consult with the barbell manufacturer before removing the sleeves.  BUT... it depends.  In the vast majority of scenarios, you won't have to remove the sleeves.  By putting the bar vertically in a bumper plate or nine bar holder, putting some of our formula down into the sleeve while turning he shaft, and waiting 10-15 minutes should do the trick in most cases.  

This will lubricate the bushings or bearings, and have your barbells spinning normally again.  As long as everything is structurally okay (people aren't dropping empty bars, etc.), then this should work.  

We've been able to restore the spin to some gnarly bars, so if you are having this issue, give it a try!!