EP.131 | The Difference: Bare, Oxide & Zinc Bar Finishes

What do you know about Bar Finishes?

Each finish has their goods and bads.  Bare steel, black oxide, chrome, zinc, cerakote, stainless steel, etc.  The whole spectrum.  Some hold up well against rust, some not so much.  Today we are going to speak directly on some of the most common finishes you'll see in your local CF gym or commercial gym.

Bare Steel

> Superior grip, sharper knurling

> Zero protection against rust = MORE MAINTENANCE


Black Oxide

> Bare, naked feel 

> Some protection against rust



> Sacrificing a little grip for rust protection

> Better protection against rust



A Great Resource

Rogue Fitness, founded in 2007, has set a high bar in the strength & conditioning equipment industry.  With everything now under one roof, they develop, test and manufacture many of the products.  Why are we mentioning Rogue?  

They set the precedent when it comes to barbells.  They manufacture everything from bare steel to stainless steel bars.  On many of the barbell product pages they feature an Oxidation Rate Scale.  

Bare steel on the far left, Cerakote & Stainless Steel on the other end of the spectrum.  This a wonderful tool to reference while going through the buying process.  Depending on your budget, needs and preferences, you'll be able to find the bar that is right for you.

Now let's take care of them: