EP.132 | Empty Bar Warmups: The Snatch

The first, of a 3-Part Empty Bar Warmup Series.

If you've followed the Shield for some time, you would pick up on our love for Olympic Weightlifting.  So much that we both coach it at our respective gyms.  

Mad Apple CrossFit for Blaine and CrossFit CLC and Bexley for me (Daniel).  Although we're not Olympic-caliber coaches, we both have coaching and competing experience in the Olympic Lifting world.

Both of us are huge advocates for EMPTY BAR WARMUPS, over a bunch of static or band stretching.  Empty bar warmups are great because it gives an opportunity to not only warm up, but to reinforce proper movement patterns.  Ultimately priming you to Snatch or Clean & Jerk.  

Maybe you aren't sold (and that's okay), but at least give it a try next time you go to Snatch.

Here's a variation of the Warmup mentioned in the Bar Tip above!

*If hook gripping is particularly uncomfortable, start practicing it in the warmup.  Great chance to stretch out the ligaments in your hands.

Complete 2-3 Sets

Bar in Front:

Calf, Ankle, Receiving Position Mobility: 1-2 minutes

Snatch Start Position: 20-30 seconds

Floor to Knee: 5 reps

Knee to Hip: 5 reps

Upright Rows: 5 reps

High Pulls: 5 reps

Snatch Pulls: 5 reps

Bar on Back:

Snatch-Grip Press: 5 reps

Snatch-Grip Push Press: 5 reps

Snatch-Grip Push Jerk: 5 reps

Slow Drop Snatch: 5 reps

Snatch Balance: 5 reps


From here you can pinpoint what still needs more attention.  Time to hit some big lifts!