EP.133 | Hand, Wrist & Forearm Health

Forearms brutally stiff?  Have elbow pain?  

When's the last time you gave some love to your forearms/hands/wrists?
Over time, the forearms, hands, wrists, etc. are going to get tight.  It's no different than any other body part.  It's just how it works.  It's important to have have a strategy for recovery.  Break up the stiff, knotty tissue, restore range of motion and get your joints feeling the way they should going into your next training session!  Here are a few tools that'll help you get there!

Tools & Resources:

Not only one of our favorites, but Kelly Starrett of The Ready State.
Popularized by Kelly Starrett, flossing has become a go-to for recovery, restoration and improvement with range of motion.  A pack of two is only $25... if you've never used these before, it's definitely worth a shot.  Feels great and you will see noticeable change if used consistently.

Kelly Starrett, The Ready State

Dude is a magician.  This video is from 2011.  Simple, easy-to-understand video explaining WHY you need to keep your forearms and wrists in good shape.  Check it out:

Use a Lacrosse Ball or your Knee!