EP.134 | Barbell Storage Tips

How are you barbells stored?  Inside, outside, nine-bar holder, gun rack?  Which is it?  

Are you a part of the Garage Gym Nation or do you hit up your local CF box?  Regardless of your gym setting, barbell storage deserves consideration.  

This week we will emphasize just how important barbell storage is when it comes to bar health.

Inside or Outside?

Are your bars exposed to the elements on a regular basis, aka humidity?  If the answer is yes, listen up.  

Humidity + Sweat + Chalk = RUST

The formula above is a surefire way to bar rust.  See Solutions BELOW.

Keeping your bars off the ground will minimize the amount of dust and debris that gets into your sleeves.  This may slow down your sleeves over time.


9-Bar or Gun Rack?

We prefer the aesthetic and functionality of the gun rack to the 9-bar holder.  Why?  Because horizontally storing your bars keeps the lubricant for the internal components inside the sleeve, as opposed to leaking onto the shaft. 

A more glaring reason as to why we prefer the gun rack is due to users dropping bars down into the 9-bar holders.  This may damage the internal components (i.e. washers, snap rings, bearings, bushings) over time.  

Just make sure that the gun rack you choose (or make) has an insert where the bar lies in order to preserve the finish.  No scratches!



1) Keep your bars off the ground

2) Store your bars in the driest setting possible

3) Remove any chalk, grime, or blood from knurling after every use

4) Grab a barbell maintenance kit to protect the steel of your bar against rust