EP.135 | Empty Bar Warmups: The Clean

Part 2 Empty Bar Warmups: The Clean

We've checked the box on the Snatch, so let's move on to the Clean.  Below, Blaine is going to take us through an empty bar warmup that he utilizes with his athletes, as well as himself.

As we noted before, empty bar warmups can be highly effective when it comes getting ready for weight and cleaning up your bar path.  Get your hands on the bar early in your warmups!   


The Routine:

Lacrosse Ball

Dig into those tight corners to loosen up your upper back & pecs.  Doing so well will help improve your front rack/receiving position.

Barbell in the Rack

Grind it out with your triceps.  Particularly aim for that tender spot above your elbow.

Unilateral Preacher Stretch

See video above for instruction.  Hitting one side at a time will allow you to focus on each side individually for a deeper, more intense stretch.

Hands on the Bar

Time to move.  A typical routine would be as follows:

High Pulls
Muscle Cleans
Front Squats
Static Front Squat Hold with bar right above knees
Full Reps

Running through this sequence at least 3-5 times for 8-10 reps each is a great place to start.  In the end, you know your body better than anyone.  Starting here is a jumping off point to get the ball rolling.

Again, empty bar warmups are a fantastic way to reinforce proper mechanics all the while getting ready to get under some weight!