EP.137 | A Friendly Reminder on Bumper Plates


Don't Drop 10 or 15 lb Bumper Plates From Overhead!!!

Seems like a no brainer right?  Although it may seem like common sense in theory, light plate drops from overhead have been plaguing gyms since their inception.

*We're speaking specifically to barbells loaded with 10's or 15's only.  

Best course of action?

How do you approach this problem without having to continually replace bumper plates and draining your bank account?  Attempts at a solution:

> Communicate & Demo <
If you are a gym owner or coach, it is imperative that you clearly explain to your classes the effects of dropping lighter bumpers from overhead.  Show them what to do and what NOT to do.


For effect... implement a penalty if someone drops from overhead.  Burpees will do.


> Buy the Best of the Best <

Everyone has their favorite bumper plates out there.  Some are more economical than others.  Some more durable.  We've taken multiple polls on our social media and the verdict is out.

One that keeps popping up is Fringe Sport's bumper plates.  Below is a pretty cool drop test video they made.  Disclaimer: we personally have never used them.  Other fan favorites we've heard include Uesaka and Vulcan.

 The reality of the situation...

People get tired.  People forget.  People are stubborn.  People don't care.  There are a whole host of reasons why people will continue dropping 10's and 15's from overhead, no matter how many times you remind them (think of someone dropping an empty barbell... same story).

DO YOUR BEST.  CONTROL WHAT YOU CAN CONTROL.  Even a little bit of communication and awareness will help add life to bumper plates.