EP.140 | 3 Ways to Treat Your Barbells in 2020

#1 Service Your Barbells REGULARLY

It should come as no surprise that this baby's #1.  Let me say it again:

Service. Your. Barbells. Regularly.

Let it sink in for a second.  The aesthetics and function of a barbell can decline much faster than you think.  Don't believe us?  Ask any gym owner who's been in the game for 3-5+ years.  

If you think it won't happen to you, better think twice before neglecting barbell maintenance.  No one wants to be left with bar(s) that won't perform and look like crap.  



A crime committed every single day in gyms throughout the world!

Something that should be 100% common sense.  You think that the awful rattling sound from the sleeves smacking the ground would do it, but think again.

At the minimum bring it to your ankle/shin before setting the bar down.

#3 Store Bars in an Appropriate Place!

Where do you keep them?  Do you live in a humid climate?  Is your gym climate-controlled?  If you are like many functional gyms out there, chances are that you aren't rockin' an air conditioned gym.

At the very least...

STORE OFF THE GROUND.  Remove any chalk, skin, blood etc. after EVERY USE.

This alone will dramatically improve the life of your barbells.  Chalk holds moisture extremely well, therefore opening up the express lane to rusting!