EP.141 | Improve Your Ankle Mobility P.1 - The Stick Drill

Have limitations in the ankle and/or calf region?  If so, this series is for you!

Taken from Tom Merrick of The Bodyweight Warrior, apply this to your pre-squat routine for better ankle range of motion!

Part 1 - The Stick Drill

The Setup

- Assume the saddle pose.  If this gives you pain or you have restrictions, grab a few ab mats (as shown in video).

- Place PVC pipe in knee crease (behind knee).

The Execution

- Gently sit back into saddle pose (try to relax).

- Hang out for 20 seconds.  

- Continue moving the PVC pipe down your calf towards your ankle in 20 second intervals.

Test it out

- Give it a go & test it out with some air squats!  


We'll see you next week for Part 2!