EP.142 | Improve Your Ankle Mobility P.2

Improve Your Ankle Mobility - Part 2

The vast majority of us out there can benefit from better mobility in the ankle region.  Not only in the realm of Weightlifting or Crossfit, but in your every day life!  Having limited or poor ankle range of motion can give you a whole host of issues with your knee, hip, lower back, etc.  Everything's connected!

This week, Blaine pull out another tool from his arsenal to improve body part's range of motion.  If you already have pristine ankle mobility, that's great!  Maintenance is also essential.

The Ankle Board

Having an ankle board is the ideal scenario if you have one like in the video above.

*Don't have one?  Use a 25 or 45 lb. bumper plate or post



Place entire foot on the board.  Make sure your entire foot is firmly planted on the board, toe to heel.  Doing so will give you the most benefit of the stretch.

Support yourself with a post as you lean forward, pushing your knee out past your toes while keeping your foot rooted.  

Gently move back and forth as you hunt around for those tight spots in your ankle!  

This is a fantastic way to open up the calves and ankles prior to squatting or the olympic lifts.  Proper ankle function is imperative when it comes to realizing full potential and staying healthy with these movements.  If neglected, it will only get worse!  Injury, less range of motion, and bad movement patterns are just a few to name that could potentially result!