EP.143 | Improve Your Ankle Mobility P.3

Part 3 of our Ankle Mobility Series!  What's this mean for you?

Better Mobility --> Better Positioning --> BIGGER LIFTS

This week... time for a hybrid mobility technique to bring both the hips and ankles into the equation.  A tip taken from the fine folks over at California Strength in San Ramon, CA.  If it's good enough for 2019 Pan American Champion Wes Kitts, it's good enough for you!

The Set-up

- Assume a lunge position.
- One leg approximately in a squat position, the other in a saddle pose.
- Grab a Kettlebell & place it on your thigh, right above your knee


The Execution

- Let gravity do its work!  The knee will start to drift over your toes, giving you a great stretch in the ankle & calf region.

- The opposing leg is a bonus!  Here you will get the hip and groin stretched out and ready to go.

- Hang out for a few minutes per side.


In Summary...

This mobilization technique will greatly improve torso positioning, greater ankle/calf mobility and a better catching position for the clean!