EP.144 | Is Chalk Ruining Your Bars?

Well, is it?

Is chalk a contributing factor to corrosion, oxidation, rusting?  

Short answer, YES.  

Don't believe us?  Drop by your local gym, especially if you live in a more humid climate (coastal gyms are some of the worst).  

Simply Put...

Corrosion of steel results from exposure to oxygen and moisture.  Add salt into the equation for an even quick path to destruction.

The Common Scenario

Setting - Local Crossfit or Garage Gym 

Climate - Regular Exposure to the weather elements 

Sweaty Hands - A bit salty eh?

And now... CHALK is added into the equation!


What's the BEEF with Chalk?

If you aren't familiar, chalk holds moisture very well.  If you're a member or owner at a gym that's been around 3+ years, take a look at the bars!

Much of the time you will see bars that are rusted out only on specific sections.  Meaning, those common, chalked-up sections of the bar will hold the moisture in the air and from sweaty hands.

What are you left with?

An orangish, brown bar.

Well, what do you do?

If you've read this far, you probably can see the argument for a barbell maintenance program.  Although you don't have to scrub & oil your bar DAILY, there has to be some sort of preventative action taken.

At the minimum...

Humid and/or Salty Coastal Climates = 2-3 times per month
Dryest of the Dry Climates = 1-2 times per month
ALWAYS, ALWAYS remove the chalk after use with a NYLON BRUSH!


*This is a general recommendation... if you're anal about your bar's preservation, bumping it up to 3-5 times per month is the way to go.

*We're talking about the Exterior here!  We'll go over the interior in a future episode.

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