EP.145 | Make Your Bars LAST LONGER, AT NO COST - Part 1

Yep, you read that right... AT NO COST.

Today kicks off a quest to save the bars... for free.  

Sure you can take it next-level with the Bar Shield barbell maintenance kit, but how's free sound for starters?

Sooo free you say?  Yep, too good to be true right?

Whether you're a garage gym warrior or a Crossfit box owner, this tip is universal.


Surprise surprise.  With barbells being some of the most expensive pieces of equipment in the gym, it's imperative that you do everything you can to squeeze more life out of them. 

Unless you're making it rain with dough and don't mind replacing barbells every 3-5 years.

One key element to keeping a barbell healthy is the internal environment.  We're talking the hardware inside (think washers, snap rings, etc.).  Repeatedly allowing the bar's sleeve to smash into the ground while unloading will ADD UP OVER TIME.



One of two things will happen if you continue down this road:  

#1 Sleeves Stop Spinning... or they slow down considerably.  

This affects the entire lifting experience.  Ever went for a 1-Rep Max with a bar that is completely locked up?  No bueno.

#2 Sleeve(s) Pop Off... 

I've personally witnessed this happen, and to be honest, it was hard not to laugh.  Don't let it come to this!

It's not rocket science...

Use one hand to lift the sleeve off the ground.  Use your free hand to slide plates off the bar.  SIMPLE.  


If you are a gym owner or coach, COMMUNICATE this to your classes.  Promise you... after coaching 5+ years in the Crossfit arena, this still happens after repeating myself till I'm blue in the face.