EP.147 | Make Your Bars LAST LONGER, AT NO COST - Part 3

Ever heard of the


What are we talking about?

That THUD sound a bar makes when it's dropped into a 9-Bar Holder.

Sounds pretty harmless right?  Maybe so.  Maybe we're being a bit dramatic.  

BUT, why not avoid this pointless habit of dropping bars down into the slot?  I mean, is it really that difficult to slide a bar into place a little more gently?  


The dropping adds up.  They compound over time.  Repeated drops will eventually bust and/or bend the internal components over time.  

It's inevitable that people will continue dropping bars, but let's minimize the treachery a bit.  

Become more aware... and make others more aware of what's happening.

Could save you a bit of dough in the long run!