EP.148 | SALT - A Bar Killer?

Salt you say?

Yep, yep.  This goes for you non-coastal gyms too.

Let's start briefly with what we're referring to when we say SALT.  We're talking the salt in your sweat, as well as the salt in the air.  Sorry coastal gyms, y'all got it rough.

Coastal Gyms

Gyms perched on the coast are going to have a much harder time than dryer climates.  

The salt present in the air poses a threat to the integrity of your steel bars.  Pull-up bars, kettlebells, etc. are exposed too... none are completely safe!  

If you don't believe us, drop in or ask any gym in Florida.  We saw some gnarly bars that were stained with rust.  

*Rust is an irreversible chemical reaction, so rust removal is more difficult

Dryer Climates

You're in luck, well kinda.  This doesn't eliminate the need for barbell maintenance, however the burden to bear is much less.  

Keep the chalk of the bars.  Store them OFF the ground, and keep 'em pretty for years and years.  No reason your bar shouldn't be able to last well over a decade.

Both Have Sweaty Hands

Both gym climates, and those living between the extremes, have members with sweaty palms.  No way around that one.

So What Do Ya Do?


> Store them OFF THE GROUND no matter what

> If you have a climate-controlled storage option, USE IT

Regularly maintain them to keep the rust off and properly functioning

* More humid climates = minimum of 3 times per month 
* Less humid climates = minimum of 2 times per month

These are guidelines.  Regular spot-checking bars can prove to be very effective on the war against rust.  

Identify those bars that need more love and give them the care they need.