EP.18 | Use a Different Bar To Squat With!

Owner of Midtown Strength & Conditioning Camilo Gutierrez (@midtownmilo) joins us this week for #bartiptuesday.  Camilo gives us a tip on what barbells you should squat with.

Do you use the same barbell to squat with that you use for Olympic Weightlifting?  Utility bars are what you should be using to squat with versus an Olympic barbell.  The two primary reasons you should be using a utility bar is because of the potential of the barbell bending, as well as grinding down the knurling in the squat rack.  By cutting down on this, we can increase the life of your knurling.

It may sound common sense, but the vast majority of weightlifters will use the same bar to squat with.  Save your Olympic bars!

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