EP.19 | What Plate Should You Use Outside?


What type of plates do you use on your barbell?  Do you use a steel or rubber plate?  Or something else?  Depending on what sport/activity you are engaged with (CrossFit, Powerlifting, Bodybuilding, etc.), you will be using different types.  For the purpose of this article, we are going to be focusing on what's the best type of plate to use OUTSIDE vs. INSIDE.

Today there are thousands of CrossFit gym across the planet.  If you follow anyone that does CrossFit or follow CrossFit on social media, you will quickly see that people like to work out in an open-air environment or even outdoors.

So what is the best plate to use on your bar OUTDOORS?  This video is going to give you some insight into four different styles of plates: a Competition Bumper Plate, a Standard Steel Plate, a Hi-Temp Bumper Plate, and finally a HG Bumper Plate.  Many of these can be found here at Rogue Fitness.  Here is a quick summary of what can be found in the video regarding these.


Best use is on the platform.  Rogue features a 6 bolt pattern steel insert that will start to loosen up if dropped repeatedly on rougher surfaces.  If you are insistent on using them outdoors, at the very least pull out a few stall mats to help minimize the effects.


Most commonly seen in the powerlifting and bodybuilding world.  Definitely DO NOT want to use these outside because they will break!


Made in the USA down in Alabama.  These are made from recycled rubber, so these can withstand plenty of abuse.  I have these for my personal bar, and I have used them anywhere from the park to the parking lot.  Best bet for outdoor use! 


These have a bit more glossier finish than the Hi-Temps.  Use outdoors will definitely work, but they will get scuffed up more than the Hi-Temps.