EP.2 | Restore Your Barbell Spin

Do your barbells spin well, if at all?  To the CrossFit and Olympic Weightlifting coaches out there: what's one of the first things that your members do when they grab a bar?  They see how well it spins, if at all.

Most members out there are not going to want to spin a bar with sleeves that are stuck in place.  To be fair, it does pose a potential injury to the lifter.  With the barbell not rotating (i.e. catching a clean), you could injury your wrist or worse if you catch it out of place.  Not a fun position to be in.

The good news is that this is fixable.  For the vast majority of gyms or individual bar owners, they will not want to take off the sleeves of the bar.  The two reasons that we do not recommend this is because you can #1Potentially void the warranty of the barbell, & #2 Potentially put the sleeve on incorrectly, which could result in a damaged barbell.

For those out there that are comfortable taking the sleeves on and off, by all means go ahead, but as most will come to find out, it can be a time consuming process.

By following these quick, easy to do steps below, you can restore the spin to most barbells out there in as little as 20 minutes, doing multiple bars at a time. 

1)Place barbell(s) in a bar holder or 45 lb. bumper plate

2)Feed some of our Bar Shield formula down into the sleeve, while turning the bar shaft.  Repeat for all barbells

3)Let sit for at least 10-15 minutes

4)Flip over the bar and repeat

5)Test it out horizontally in a rack!