EP.27 | Why It's Important That Your Bars Spin

Why is it sooo important that your barbell sleeves spin?  We've harped on this subject over and over again, but why is it so important?  Camilo, owner of Midtown Strength in Sacramento, CA, joins us this week to fill us in on proper barbell spin and function. 

If you have barbells that spin well, this will speak volumes to your athletes and clients.  Having equipment that functions correctly will give them the best experience possible while keeping them safe.  

Key Takeaways

-When lifting, we are anticipating where we are going to be receiving the bar.  We expect to catch it in a specific position.  When lifting with a bar that doesn't spin well, we lift less weight.

-Since we are expecting to catch the barbell in a particular position, we open the door to injury when using a bar that doesn't spin well.  It puts us out of position + forces us to overpull, compensate elsewhere, etc.  

-By properly utilizing our Bar Shield Formula, we can keep the internal components well lubricated to keep proper mechanics.  

Click HERE for a quick video on how to restore your Barbell Spin.