EP.3 | Why Maintain Your Barbells?

Barbells have been a staple in the fitness and exercise world for over 100 years.  The evolution of the barbell has been nothing short of spectacular, and now in 2017, we are spoiled.  So why do you need to maintain your barbells?


Through observation, research and personal experience, we've seen rust  become a substantial issue for gym/bar owners.  There are various factors that you have to consider when it comes to the rate at which your barbell(s) will rust.  The humidity/climate you live in, the number of members using the bars, the amount of chalk used, etc. will be the primary factors to take into consideration.

For example, we've all seen the gym members that are using way too much chalk on barbells.  As a result, the chalk is going to hold the moisture much easier, which in turn will speed up the oxidation (rust process).  Easy fix to prolong the life of you barbells. 


What do your members value when they step into your gym?  I'd be willing to wager that quality and cleanliness of equipment is high on their list.  As a gym owner, it's imperative that you take the proper steps to maintain your gym equipment.  When it comes to separating yourself in a saturated market, this is undoubtedly taken into consideration to a potential gym member.

Another thing to think about would be drop-ins.  When someone drops in from out of town, typically they are going to check out your website or social media for some pictures of your facility.  Do you think they are going to go to the gym with the rusted out bars, or the gym with equipment that looks nearly new?

Longevity & Savings

If you've been a CrossFit owner in the industry for some time, you would know that the cost to replace equipment can pile up quickly.  This is one of the primary reasons we set out to provide a solution to increase the life of the barbell. 

Barbell costs can range greatly from around $150-$350 for multi-purpose bars, and then move up significantly from there for specialty bar such as Olympic Weightlifting bars.  By allocating time each week or month, you can increase the life of your barbell dramatically by using our kit while going through our steps.