EP.31 | The First Pull w/ Tom Sroka

Are you having trouble with your first pull on the snatch or clean and jerk?  Many of us have commit the common fault of shooting our hips up too fast off of the floor.  As a coach or athlete, what you should be aiming for is for the hips and shoulders to rise simultaneously.  Shooting the hips up prematurely will result in power leaked.

In this video Tom is showing how we can correct this fault to effectively get the most power out of your lift.  Give it a quick watch, you won't be disappointed.  Tom has lifted with some super legit weightlifters while learning from some of the best in the sport, so his knowledge base is vast.  

The video below features him and Spencer Moorman going at it from the blocks.  Check it out!

Bars lookin' rough?  Let our kit do the work.