EP.32 | What Clamp Should You Buy?

So what's the best?

What kind of clamps do you use?  Spring, HG, Proloc, OSO or something else?  There are several different brands and types of clamps out there that are available, but which one is the "best?"  The clamp that is best for you highly depends on what type of training you do.  Let's dig into this a bit further...



Chances are that you have seen a pair of spring collars if you've been to a gym.  A commercial gym, CrossFit gym, powerlifting gym, etc. will typically have at least a pair lying around. 

Spring collars are great if you are ON A BUDGET.  They won't break the bank, however there are some key drawbacks.  These collars are spring loaded with some having more tension than others, and also can be bent easily from abuse such as throwing or something dropping on them.  On top of this, if you are planning on dropping the barbell numerous times such as in a CrossFit workout, the spring collars will definitely start to move around making the weight unevenly distributed.


HG Collars have grown in popularity over the past few years in the CrossFit gym specifically.  When these first came out they sold pretty quickly.  They feature a Lockjaw concept that clamps down on the barbell sleeve.  They start off stiff and rigid, but over time the screws and clamp loosen... resulting in the collar moving around and uneven weight distribution.  Loosening could be caused my throwing the clamps, dropping weights on them, etc.  These are going to fall in the middle of the road on price.


Coming in a slightly more expensive than the HG Collars.  This design is made from black nylon and has a screw mechanism to tighten around the bar sleeve.  These do a great job for the most part with staying in the same spot.  They are more commonly used on the powerlifting side. 


OSO Collars are the Gold Standard in our opinion.  Through rigorous personal testing we have yet to see these collars move an inch... no matter how many times you drop the bar!  They are made with an aircraft grade aluminum and have a clamp system that keeps it secure.  A bit more expensive, but these will last soooo long.  Worth the extra $.