EP.33 | How to Properly Execute the RDL

Have you ever done an RDL? Are RDLs a part of your training program? For those of you that are not familiar with this lift, RDL stands for Romanian Deadlift. This movement has been popularized in the weightlifting and football (among other sports) communities, and for good reason. Many people don't properly execute this lift, so we're here to clear the air.

The Grip

-Mostly done with a Clean grip, however you can mix your training up with a Snatch grip too
-Use straps if you have them.  They will allow you to overload the movement and allow you to focus on your positions.

The Starting & Ending Position

-Knees slightly bent, Vertical Torso
-Clean grip 

The Lift

-Starting with a clean grip, vertical torso and knees slightly bent
-Hinge from your hip while maintaining a tight arch in your back
-Continue down your leg until you aren't able to maintain that arch, then ascend back to the starting position.  This is a controlled movement. 

Why To Do Them

-Strengthens your glutes (butt) and your hamstrings
-You are putting your body in positions you encounter on the Snatch and Clean, therefore making yourself way stronger!