EP.40 | Opening Up Your Front Rack/Overhead Position

How's your front rack and overhead position look?  How does it feel?  Chances are that most of us out there could use some work.  In the realm of Olympic Weightlifting and CrossFit, front rack and overhead mobility are imperative to you having any success in the lifts.  If not taken seriously, you could potentially expose yourself or your athletes to injury.  Better to work in some drills and mobility techniques to prevent injury and increase performance! 

Key Points to Remember

  • Drill is used to open up your thoracic spine, thus a better front rack/overhead position

  • To start, put your arms through a rubber hip band just under the elbows

  • Then grab a PVC pipe with palms up, and elbows on a 20" box or bench

  • From here, shift your hips BACK, while driving the head through your arms

  • Hang out for 1-2 minutes and allow yourself to sink into the stretch 

This week's Bar Tip is features John from
Steadfast Barbell
and Bar Shield Athlete, Sam Hartman.