EP.41 | Protecting Your Bars... Fit Club Edition

This week's Bar Tip Tuesday is brought to you from Fit Club in Columbus, OH.  Today grabbed nine of the Rogue 2.0 bars that are regularly used in class daily to treat them with our formula. Below are the easy-to-do steps to ensure that you are properly maintaining your fleet (we aimed to restore the spin during the process as well):

1) Arrange each barbell vertically in a 45 lb. bumper plate

2) Using the Bar Shield Formula, put a few drops down into the sleeve while turning the shaft of the bar

3) Grab your Black Nylon brush and scrub the knurling of the bar to loosen up chalk, skin, etc.

4) Apply a thin coating of the formula onto the knurling and work in with the nylon brush

5) Flip all barbells and repeat process on the other side

**You want to allow at least 10-15 minutes per side to allow the bushings/bearings to be lubricated**

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