EP.42 | Angelo Dicicco on the Drop Snatch

2017 CrossFit Games Champion (16-17 Division) joins us this week to shed some knowledge on the drop snatch/no dip snatch balance.  

As highlighted by Angelo, incorporating this movement into your training is going to help you develop strength and speed UNDER the bar.  As a result, you confidence is going to shoot through the roof when it comes time to get under those heavy weights!  Many athletes out there struggle with the confidence of getting under the bar.


By being aggressive and regularly practicing this variation of the snatch balance, you can get more comfortable in that bottom position that many of us aren't a fan of.  Give it a try! 

Angelo's Resume:
2015 Fittest Teen on Earth 14-15
2016 3rd Fittest Teen on Earth 16-17
2017 Fittest Teen on Earth 16-17