EP.45 | Why Dropping Small Weights Overhead is Costing You Money

Are you guilty of dropping 10's or 15's from overhead?  I'd say almost all of us have done this at some point in our CrossFit/Weightlifting careers.  It's one of those things (just like most things) that isn't completely avoidable, but we can certainly improve.


Simply put, dropping 10's and 15's from overhead again and again is going to break down the plate... literally.  Those once new, shiny plates begin to fold in until one day they resemble a taco.  Sure there are times when dropping the barbell is necessary for safety reason, among others, but it's something that we can minimize.

Let's do ourselves a favor and relay this crucial information to our gym members by showing and demonstrating how to effectively lower the barbell back to the ground. 

Will overhead dropping be eliminated?  No.  BUT, it will surely help make your equipment last longer, saving you dough that can be spent to buy new equipment or on your members.   

Just a thought... the key is to capitalize on those things that are somewhat in our control.  Get to it!