EP.46 | Deadly Consequences for Dropping an Empty Barbell

Deadly Consequences for Dropping an Empty Barbell

How many times have you seen someone drop and empty bar?  Maybe they dropped it from their shin or hips, or maybe they were unloading the bar and let the sleeve treacherously hit the ground after sliding the plates off.  I'd be willing to wager that we all have seen this happen, and are guilty of doing this at some point.  

#1 Sliding Plates Off the Bar 

Make this a habit!  When you get to the last weight on the sleeve, use one hand to hold the sleeve while using the other to slide the plate off.  Easy peesy. 

#2 Empty Bar Warmup, Then Dropping it from the Shin, Knee or Hip

Whether you are an Olympic Weightlifter, Powerlifter or Crossfitter, you need to make sure you aren't dropping a completely empty barbell.  Not only does it make a horrific noise, you are damaging the internal components inside!  Manufacturers do not make it easy to get replacement parts after destroying these components!!


Don't let the bar sleeves slam into the ground!  Although it may not seem like it's hurting them, the washers and other internal components will start to bend, at which complete proper function isn't possible anymore.  Treat your bar like you would treat a brand new pair of white Nikes.