EP.47 | How to Protect Your Lower Back While Squatting


Ohhh lower back pain.  If you've spent some time in the gym as an athlete, coach or both, you know that the lower back is among the top when it comes to problem areas.  

Have you ever complained about having a stiff back or your lower back hurting while squatting?  Probably most of us at some point in time.  Not knowing how to keep your lower back healthy is a HUGE problem in CrossFit, Weightlifting Sport, etc.  If you have any plans of training in the long term, these aspects cannot be neglected.

Coach Gytis of CrossFit Amplify in Lisle, IL joins us today to break down how to properly execute a Back Squat while protecting your lower back from injury.  Gytis focuses primarily on these two points listed below, which are typically overlooked when learning or even being coached.

#1 Properly Bracing Your Core
This is the key component to protecting your spine and lower back.  However, simply knowing this information and understanding how to brace your core are two different things entirely. 

#2 Creating Internal Abdominal Pressure
What the heck does this mean?  Common cues such as "Get Tight" or "Brace Your Core" get thrown into the mix without any explanation on how to achieve this pressure.