EP.48 | Why Using Barbell Collars is a Must!


Control what
you can control!

No excuses for not using barbell collars while lifting or hitting a CrossFit WOD!  There a plenty of reasons why you MUST be using collars to secure the weight on your bar.  It doesn't matter if you are a Crossfitter, Olympic Weightlifter or Powerlifter, we all need to be using clamps.  Below are a few reasons to kick us off...

---> Prevents uneven weight distribution on the bar

---> Prevents you from creating
unnecessary forces on the plate
AND bar sleeves from drops

---> SAFETY PRECAUTION!  Secures the weights on the sleeve
and prevents the weights
from sliding off!

Probably missing a few of the benefits, but these are few to get your butt in gear.

Equipment breaks down over time.  It's an inevitability that we cannot escape.  However, we do have the choice to take preventative measures to help prolong the life of our equipment.  

By correctly using barbell collars, we can increase both the life of the bar and the plates secured on the sleeves.  Not using collars is doing you and your bar a disservice that is easily preventable.

Do yourself a favor and grab a pair of collars.  Some brands and designs are definitely better than others, but any collar is better than no collar! 

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