EP.49 | How to PROPERLY Store Your Barbell Fleet

Where do you store your barbells?  A squat rack, gun rack, or maybe a 9 Bar Holder?  At the very least you MUST store your barbells up off the ground due to the moisture, dust, etc. that is plentiful down there.  The dust, chalk, moisture, etc. found on the ground will eventually cause the bar to rust much more easily and slow down the bar sleeve spin!

Option #1: The Horizontal Gun Rack

One option is a horizontal gun rack that is commonly mounted to the wall, made popular by Rogue Fitness.  If you are going to go this route, make sure to buy the PLASTIC KIT that is available.  The reason you want this is because the plastic is MORE GENTLE than steel, which means that your barbell knurling won't smooth out as quickly and you won't have to keep REPLACING bars.  That being said, plastic still isn't perfect and it's imperative that you carefully place your bars back in the rack EVERY TIME to avoid damage to the knurling. 

Option #2: The 9-Bar Holder

Another extremely common bar storage method (especially in CrossFit gyms) is the Vertical 9 Bar Holder made by multiple companies.  This is an okay storage method, however you MUST be careful when putting your bars away.  The main concern is scratching the finish on your bar, which in turn exposes the bare steel underneath.  Take the extra second to make sure that the bar sleeve is lined up with the hole so you don't SCRATCH the finish right off.  Again, scratching the finish is opening up the door for the bar to rust!

Keep your bars off the ground

Be cognizant when you put your bars away, no matter which storage system you use

Don't slam them into the rack 

Doing so will result in you continually reaching into your wallet to replace barbells!!! $$$$$ 

Trying to PREVENT rust?  Check out the Bar Shield Maintenance kit to prevent rust and keep those sleeves spinning right!