EP.5 | How is the Bar Shield Formula Different?

What makes the Bar Shield formula different from any other oil you can grab at Home Depot or Lowe's?  As a former user of 3:1 Oil, there were three properties that we wanted to address to improve the barbell user experience.


Food-Grade & Biodegradable = SAFE

There are ingredients in some of the oils and lubricants out there that you shouldn't be touching on a regular basis.  When going through our development process we wanted something that was going to be safe to touch if it came in contact with the user.  Hence the eco-friendly food-grade/biodegradable we adopted in our profile.


Another aspect that we wanted to address in the properties of our product was the odor.  We've tried different oils and lubricants on the market, and some give off an unfortunate stench.  By eliminating this, you won't need a clothespin when using our formula.

 Quick to Use

One of the best features of the Bar Shield formula is the ease of use.  After going through our cleaning & maintenance steps, your barbell(s) are workout-ready in minutes.  You aren't left with much oily residue on your barbell, making it slippery to grip.